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Gisela explores the distinct musical realities of Latin America enriched with jazz intuitions and she conceives her music as an "hybrid multi-language, capable of transcending the boundaries of the genre"

Self-entrepeneur, she was born in Cordoba, Argentina, and she becomes fond of music through the study of classic and jazz dance for ten years. She attends the Scuola Superior de Musica, La Colmena and subsequently the UNC, while studying the guitar with the master Titi Rivarola.

She decides to set out for a long journey that brings her in Europe, where she crosses Spain and reaches Italy, country that gives her the opportunity of training with masters the likes of Maria Pia de Vito, Rita Marcotulli, Anita Wardell, Roberto Gatto and Danilo Rea earning a degree in Jazz Singing in the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome.

In the Eternal City she performs, solo or in groups, in the best jazz club, she participates to events organized by the MAXXI and the Auditorium Parco della Musica and sings at the Garbatella Jazz Festival.


At the same time she takes part to the Pozzuoli Jazz Festival, Brasilicata Tour, and she is invited to renowned radio broadcasts, most notably Max de Tommasi’s Radio Brasil, on air on RaiRadio1 and SoundCheck created by Gegè Telesforo on air on Radio24.


Composer, singer, guitarist, she releases her first album “El Gato de Piazzolla” in 2014, recorded in Córdoba, Argentina. She is the author, arranger and producer, taking care of every aspect of her debut, debut.

In 2015 she is awarded of the prize “Musica Migrante” to the memory of Riccardo Bevilacqua dedicated to the best South American students of the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia of Rome.


Restless explorer, she travels through the Cuban island looking for the roots of Latin Jazz and she joins the “XI Coloquio Internacional de Jazz” within the Jazz Plaza Festival of La Habana. She deepens social and cultural subjects and she obtains a diploma in symbolic anthropology with the writer Adolfo Colombres issued by the ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte).

She continues her research in Brasil in 2016 and while in Rio de Janerio she starts to lay the foundation of her second record, full of rhythms and expressions that are products of her musical experience.

Gisela presents a repertoire of her own music, she revisits classics and not only of Zamba, Bossa Nova, Bolero, Tango, Son Cubano, Latin American Folklore, always with jazz as the common thread, language that bonds and articulates her musical world. She performs solo, in duo and trio, in different musical contexts.

In June 2017 she won the crowdfunding campaign for the realization of her second record promoted by Eppela. She is very happy realizing this production with the supervision of Gegè Telesforo and the Italian pianist Seby Burgio. 

After having obtained her Master in Jazz Music from the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia of Rome, she released her second album "GIRELLA", available online. Since October 2018 she has lived in Madrid where she organizes and performs in the cycle "Folcloreshion".    

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